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Why Us-Re-feel Advantage

  • Scientific Process 9 Step Process
  • Vast Network Over 100 Stores across 85 cities
  • Uniform Quality Centralised training & procurement
  • Uniform Pricing One rate contracts for all locations
  • Dedicated KAP Easy ordering, quick support
  • Centralised Invoicing One Invoice per month for all locations
  • Detailed MIS 360 degree view of consumption
  • Green Certification A valid certification

Corporate Enquiry

Cartridge Refilling Myth's Demystified

  • Myth 1
  • Using Refilled Cartridges Voids Printer Warranty

NO. The law states that it is illegal for a manufacturer to require the consumer to use a particular brand of supply. The warranty can only by voided if the cartridge is the primary cause of the fault. If in the unlikely event that this happen OUR OWN 100% GUARANTEE clause covers the customer with full reimbursement of repairs.

  • Myth 2
  • Using Refilled Cartridges Harm Printer

NO. Refilling is simply refilling and changing parts of an empty cartridge cavity. We do not alter any of the casing or parts of the cartridge that your printer requires to operate. We are so confident that there is no risk to your printer by using refilled cartridges that we offer a 100% guarantee.

  • Myth 3
  • Refilled cartridges do not last as long as OEM cartridges

NO. Our refilled and remanufactured cartridges are refilled with the equivalent amount of ink or toner to that of the original cartridges. We guarantee OEM equivalent page count or even more.

  • Myth 4
  • Refilled cartridges Produces Poor Prints

NO. We use specially formulated inks and toners to match that of your original cartridge and our unique 9 step refilling processes have been developed over years so the print quality is guaranteed to be as good, if not better, than your original cartridge. We ensure OEM equivalent print quality.